Social Work Students at Thompson Rivers University: self defense training and great discussion

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Our workshop with the Social Work Students was organized by Theresa - a practicum student at United Way. Their school club had organized a women's self defense workshop on a Sunday morning in the basement gym. Four very engaged female student worked firstly on their own maps and together discussed their map points as they shared with the group. We enjoyed lunch together as they were pumped up and had just undergone serious physical training.  

A number of community services that were identified including a broad range of policy, bus, and activity centers such as Lii Michif Otipemisiwak family centre. These are important services but different that what other students had located. This included White Buffalo Aboriginal and Metis Health Society, John Tod Wellness Centre, and People in Motion which provides services for people with disabilities including fitness, recreational, educational and social programs and  services. This group were familiar with a wide range of community services because of their engagement with the professional in field, rather than as users of the services.

Critical discussions ensured regarding perceptions of safety amongst the group of women. There were more general discussions about walking alone or in a crowd and the difference in how one felt between day and night. Personal experiences were shared including the fear of underground parking lots and other situations where the women had felt vulnerable.